Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Serve and to Wait

Comment by Kent (MC) on Mormon Matters last month (Comment #5):

When discussing the nature of God with fellow Mormons I sometimes ask, “Why did it take billions of years for God to create the earth? Why not just millions of years, or even better, why not just one second?” It often comes down to the idea that God commands and waits until he is obeyed.

Responding comment by Stephen M (Comment #8):

"Having the priesthood has nothing to do with forcing or putting pressure on anyone, but more the serving with kindness and pure love. The call to preside is the call to serve and to wait."


Stephen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to express the impact and significance of this concept-a completely new way of viewing and defining authority,God and priesthood.Sometimes I think we under rate the significance of true doctrine and it's implications for human relationships,because we have grown up with them.
As members,should we ever be able to embody these principals,we would be powerful force for conversion through joyful living.

adamf said...

The same thing is true in therapy. The more I try to push, coerce, advise, cajole, manipulate, etc. the more frustrated I get with a lack of progress. The more I trust in my abilities and the process, as well as in the basic goodness of all people, the more change the client makes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,I'm a therapist too!

Gwennaëlle said...

In the chaos of this day you just gave me a very uplifting food for thought.

Thank you.

adamf said...

Hi Anonymous! Cool! Although, saying hi to the wind feels kinda funny. :)